NAACP News Letter Flip-Book

October 19th, 2022, Branch members participated In the Hazel Crest Holiday Bazaar.  The two-hour event was a successful event. There were African American venders offering art, books, jewelry, paintings, and Amway products.  We were there to promote the branch, voting, and providing an explanation of the unwanted and ill-advised attempt to convert the Calumet Country Club into a trucking center.

The NAACP-CFSSB support the environmental Justice organization South Suburbs for Greenspace efforts stopping the removal of greenspace, Calumet Country Club, by Diversified Properties. It was an opportunity to meet the people of Hazel Crest, providing information about the Country Club and why converting the greenspace to a trucking center will negatively affect our communities. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jonah Bryson,
Just days after a mass shooting at the University of Virginia, another senseless act of violence occurred in Colorado, claiming the lives of 5 LGBTQ+ individuals and injuring 25 others. NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson released the following statement: “It is entirely unacceptable that day after day, vulnerable communities across the country must mourn a new tragedy caused by gun violence. We must do everything in our power to stop the spread of hate, and pass the regulations necessary in order to prevent the continued rise in domestic terrorism. The NAACP grieves the heartbreaking loss of life that the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs suffered on Saturday and renews our continued calls for elected officials to put their words into action and pass common sense gun safety legislation to ensure that no one has to fear for their life for simply existing. Democracy and hate cannot coexist.” Following the act of domestic terrorism at a supermarket in Buffalo, NY this May, which left 10 Black individuals dead, the NAACP released a comprehensive response plan and list of policy recommendations to combat the proliferation of white supremacy and hate crimes. The plan outlined actionable items to hold corporations and media accountable for their role in spreading misinformation, prevent future tragedies through common sense gun safety legislation, and improve police reforms. Since then, the Association has continued to hold corporations and media accountable for encouraging violence, spreading hate speech, and promoting conspiracy theories and lies. Recently, several NAACP leaders published a letter addressed to state governors across the country, urging them to take meaningful action against gun violence after the tragic shooting at the University of Virginia which claimed the lives of three young Black men.